Top 5 Best Areas of Ranchi to Invest in Real Estate

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Looking to invest in real estate in Ranchi? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of the top 5 best areas in Ranchi that are perfect for real estate investment. From luxurious residential projects to excellent connectivity and investment potential, we’ve got it all covered. But before we dive into the specifics, let’s start with a quick introduction of the city to set the stage. You won’t want to miss out on this valuable insight!

Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand, is a vibrant city that seamlessly blends natural beauty with urban development. Situated at almost 650 meters above sea level, the residents of the city enjoy a temperate climate, characterized by cool winters and pleasant summers. Because of its altitude, the city has multiple scenic destinations in and around it.

One of Ranchi’s prominent attributes is its serene lakes, such as Ranchi Lake and Kanke Dam, where visitors unwind and enjoy leisurely boat rides. The region is also renowned for its breathtaking waterfalls, such as the Hundru Falls and Jonha Falls, which cascade gracefully amidst green forests, attracting nature enthusiasts and photographers. 

Ranchi boasts a rich heritage with numerous temples and cultural sites that reflect its diverse traditions. The Pahari Mandir and Jagannath Temple are prime examples of its spiritual significance.

Ranchi has experienced significant growth in recent years, leading to a thriving real estate sector. The city’s strategic location, expanding infrastructure, and economic development have made it attractive to real estate developers. With a growing population, improved amenities, and a thriving job market, the city has become a hub for both commercial and residential projects. In this article, we will explore the top 5 Best Areas of Ranchi to Invest.

Before we begin, rest assured that our report on Ranchi’s real estate is based on rigorous research, including consultations with experts and on-site investigations. Our commitment is to provide you with a fair and impartial perspective, free from any promotional or biased influences. Let’s now dive into the details of Ranchi’s real estate landscape.

Top 5 places in Ranchi that are giving maximum returns on investment

1. Kathal More

Kathal More, a locality in the western part of Ranchi, has emerged as a major hotspot in the city’s real estate market. This area has seen multi-dimensional growth in the last 15 years leading to the development of residential societies, markets, entertainment hubs, hospitals and schools. At just 2 km from the Ranchi Ring Road, Kathal More is right on the Itki road which eventually connects Ranchi and Rourkela.

Kathal More is becoming a popular choice for both residential and commercial developments for various reasons. One of the main factors is its excellent connectivity to key areas of Ranchi. The locality is very close to major roads and highways which makes commuting easier for both residents and businesses. For instance, Birsa Munda Airport is just 12 KM away, Ranchi Junction is 9.4 KM away, Hatia Station is 10.7 KM away, and DAV Hehal is only 5 KM away. 

Besides, Kathal More has witnessed significant improvements in infrastructure, including better roads, public transport, educational institutes, hospitals and essential amenities over the years. This has made it an even more desirable place to live and invest in. 

Furthermore, the locality has seen a rise in commercial activities, with shopping complexes, markets, and businesses flourishing. This has led to an increased demand for commercial properties, including office spaces and retail outlets.

In conclusion, Kathal More in Ranchi has become a sought-after destination in the real estate sector due to its strategic location, improved infrastructure, educational institutions, and commercial growth. As it continues to evolve, it is likely to remain a hotspot for real estate investment and residential choices.

2. Morabadi

Lush greenery, clean streets, open areas, parks, street food, restaurants and bars, and a peaceful environment, Morabadi has it all! It has been one of the most sought-after residential areas in Ranchi from last many many years. Morabadi field is the heart of the city which hosts most of the state functions and exhibitions. As a result, the government has made efforts to keep the area clean and well-maintained. A huge presence of street food vendors near the Birsa Munda Football Stadium has become a hub for college-goers and families.

Morabadi is home to some of the state’s most influential politicians, including the Chief Minister’s residence. Morabadi’s surging popularity can be attributed to various factors, including its strategic location, educational institutions, and commercial growth. Its prime location within the city provides easy accessibility to other areas and major landmarks. For instance, Birsa Munda Airport is just 11 km away, while Ranchi Junction and Hatia Station are 6.5 km and 12 km away, respectively. The area is also in close proximity to the prestigious Ranchi College, as well as other renowned educational institutes in Lalpur, Bariatu, and Kanke, including DAV Bariatu, Women’s College, and Ranchi University. Furthermore, there has been a significant rise in commercial activities in Morabadi, with flourishing shopping complexes, markets, and businesses. This has led to an increase in demand for commercial properties, such as office spaces and retail outlets, making Morabadi an ideal location for investment.

3. Kanke

Kanke is known for having the best high-rise buildings in Ranchi. It is a popular residential area for affluent families, which has led to significant development in real estate, education, shopping, and more. Kanke Road is one of the main roads in the city and has some of the best shopping areas. Additionally, it is the road that connects to Patratu Valley, a popular weekend getaway for city residents.

Kanke’s real estate boom can be attributed to various factors, including its excellent connectivity. The area enjoys easy access to Ratu, Morabadi, and Harmu Road, making it a convenient location for residents. Kanke Road, which is a VIP street, is home to many influential people, such as ministers, judges, and prominent businessmen. The road also hosts multiple malls and hypermarkets, including Reliance Smart and Shoppers Stop, which cater to all your shopping needs.

Apart from its connectivity, Kanke Road has several amenities that further enhance its appeal. For instance, Kanke is home to the first-ever mental hospital in India, Ranchi Institute of Neuro-Psychiatry and Allied Sciences (RINPAS). Additionally, the area boasts several healthcare and education centres, such as Birsa Agricultural University, the Institute for Coal Management, and the Birsa Veterinary Institute. Other notable institutions are also located in this area.

Aside from its functional benefits, Kanke also offers a range of recreational activities. The area is home to the famous Rock Garden of Ranchi, which is a popular destination for family outings. Furthermore, Patratu Valley is a mere 30-minute drive away, making it an ideal spot for weekend getaways.

4. Dhurwa

Dhurwa is a well-placed locality in the heart of Ranchi, with several popular attractions to its name. The revered Jagannath Mandir, a spiritual hub and a draw for devotees from far and wide, is among them. Dhurwa is also home to the JSCA International Cricket Stadium, which hosts both Indian and international matches. For cricket lovers, it’s a great chance to catch a glimpse of their favourite players, including the local hero Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who is often seen driving his fancy bikes and cars around the stadium. Furthermore, the New Vidhan Sabha is located nearby and has significantly increased the area’s real estate value.

Dhurwa’s location offers easy access to key transportation hubs, making it incredibly convenient for residents. It is approximately 5.5 KM away from the Birsa Munda Airport, ensuring hassle-free travel for frequent flyers. The Ranchi Junction is a mere 8.4 kilometers away white Hatia Station is just 4 KM away.

Dhurwa stands as an ideal choice for real estate investment for several compelling reasons. First, the locality benefits from well-planned roads and infrastructure, ensuring smooth connectivity and ease of commute. Second, Dhurwa hosts multiple schools and government offices, making it a preferred choice for families seeking quality education and employment opportunities. Lastly, the area is witnessing a surge in upcoming real estate projects, both from government initiatives and renowned builders, promising substantial returns on investment. With its strategic location, infrastructure, and development potential, Dhurwa presents a promising prospect for real estate investors seeking a foothold in Ranchi’s flourishing property market.

5. Bariatu

Bariatu is another prominent locality in Ranchi, known for its distinct characteristics and significance. Located in the western part of Ranchi, this locality is a vital residential and commercial hub within the city. One of the most notable features of Bariatu is its role as a healthcare hub. The locality is home to some of Ranchi’s renowned hospitals including the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), which is not only a leading healthcare facility but also a major educational institution for medical and paramedical courses. Bariatu’s dual role as a destination for both medical treatment and medical education has contributed significantly to the area’s growth and development.

Apart from healthcare, Bariatu also hosts various educational institutions, schools, and colleges, making it an important area for students pursuing their education. With DAV Public School, Bariatu, Oxford Public School and many medical colleges in the locality, the area has garnered great interest from real estate developers. Over the years, Bariatu has seen significant residential development, with housing complexes, apartments, and individual homes catering to the diverse housing needs of its residents. 

The area is well-connected to other parts of Ranchi, with good road networks and public transportation options, ensuring that residents have easy access to the city’s amenities and workplaces.


In conclusion, Ranchi, holds immense potential for real estate investment. While we’ve highlighted the top 5 localities in this blog, it’s important to note that opportunities abound throughout the city. Ranchi’s unique mix of natural beauty and urban development, coupled with its strategic location, makes it an attractive destination for both residential and commercial real estate ventures.

As you explore investment options, don’t limit yourself to just these five areas. The entire city is witnessing growth, improved infrastructure, and expanding economic opportunities. However, to make informed decisions, conducting comprehensive research, understanding your investment goals, and seeking expert advice are paramount.

Remember, the real estate market is dynamic, and opportunities may vary. Keep a close eye on emerging trends and consider consulting with local experts who can provide valuable insights. With the right approach and careful planning, Ranchi can be a rewarding destination for your real estate investments. Happy investing!

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